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Well it seems like forever since Ive been waiting to do this post.   Holidays are over, 1st birthday is done and I got my butt in gear and got to work.  My dining room was 1 of 4 rooms I redesigned this year in our house.

You all have seen pictures from my party and tablescape posts but I will refresh you memory with a flashback.

This was the placement of the credenza when I first got it (or when it was gifted to me by Big Daddy  and the kids for Mother's Day)

This was my buffet on the mirror wall with all my religious artifacts

A tabletop shot of the buffet

Here is the pass through wall to kitchen and final resting place of credenza which is now formally known as the liquor cabinet.

The cross wall then looked like this for awhile...I just couldnt take the green anymore!

So where does one look for inspiration........well if you know me it wouldnt be in a magazine or google.  Although I love to browse, I'm always inspired by something out of the box or a detail that is overlooked.   Here is the inspiration for our new dining room.

A good ol' bottle of Jack...yep Jack Daniels!

Strange to some Im sure, and anyone who knows me understands that Im not a drinker and Im kinda a light weight.   But I love the contrast of the black and white label with the brownish liquor inside.  YES I KNOW....it's empty now!  I said I dont drink but this was a birthday gift for Big Daddy from our good friend Joey....and let's just say the men enjoyed some Jack!

So I this is what I ended up with after selecting my paints, rearranging furniture, also minimizing on the accessories and just an all around cleaner more elegant look but still my Rustic European style.

Kept the cross wall (that wasn't even a consideration) however, I did move the buffet to this wall and I have to say I like it much better.

This is a view from the living room, I scaled down some..let's not get crazy we are talking about me and my Go Big or Go home theory.  But I think even tho the collections are displayed it looks much cleaner than before.

Pass through wall...I took down the last supper painting and kept it lighter.  I considered painting the buffet and credenza black until I painted the walls (btw...it's Valspar SR303 Seagull Gray)  Now they match the tabletop perfectly and all is well.  So the black paint went on the LR fireplace (that's another post..hehe)

Here is the window wall.....notice all the room on the right side now that the buffet has been moved.  Room looks much bigger now and I love my curtains.  I've been wanting to stencil a trellis wall but I opted for it in a pattern curtain instead.

The mirror stayed but I had Big Daddy have it vertically now with my fabulous Willow House sconces that I got from Bridget Price (awesome consultant) check out her Willow House Facebook page for the goods on the new stuff.

Big Daddy also moved the altar shelf over to this wall and Im kinda lovin it!

Another liquor of inspiration...my bottle of Grandpa Chacha's wine given to me by my bff's man. He knows the insider that we both call each other Chacha as our nicknames.  

A discounted lamp from Lowe's (2002) it actually came with 4 different styles of shades.  First time using the leopard ( I love animal prints. lol)  My golden angel from Bombay Company and my gorgeous Anthropologie votive holder gifted to me by my stylish sister Jenn of Pinky Brown Redesign.

This is an actual toile tray that I spray painted (Yikes I knew nothing of toile until seeing a fellow blogger Wendy's collection on her wall)  But I still love it and it holds an antique bible that is in a language we still havent figured out.  The two marble glasses Big Daddy brought home from his deployment in Iraq.  

I had to keep my melted candle shelf and my Bienvenidos sign gifted by my bff.  The shelf is so Kat Von D but on a less rock chic scale. lol

I needed something over the credenza so I relocated this picture that was a flea market find and of course kept my Home Goods apothecary jars.  I added an Italian statue of La Pieta by Michelangelo and some unfinished wooden crosses.

My wooden (actually bark) rosary from Portugal that was brought back in 1996 from my daughter's then baby sitter Alice who is from there.

A sweet little wax picture that says "God Bless Our Home" I just like alot

The infamous cross wall...I love it with the lighter wall color.  The detail of the crosses are so obvious and beautiful.

Closer shot of mirror wall with new shelf, new sconces and my tattered angel.

Details of the 1930s buffet

These corbels were gifted to me by my bff because she bought a few and decided on the others. Love them.

Willow House sconces I selected from a giveaway credit.

These curtains are from Lowe's and they are Waverly, I loved them so much but didnt want to pay $19.99 per panel (Im thrifty remember) so I cut 1 panel and flanked the windows for the $19.99 and used the money I saved to buy the matching valances across the top.  I also used the 10% military discount they give to military families THANK YOU LOWE'S!!

This is the detail and finish on my dining room table legs...I love it and believe it or not it's from Ashley's Home Furniture.  It such a substantial set compared to the antique federal set I had of my grandmother's. 

Well I hope you all enjoyed the tour and I hope to be revealing the other 3 rooms soon.

Actually Tuesday I will reveal the bedroom since my episode of The Nate Show will air Monday the 28th (make sure you tune in, I actually saw the teaser during today's show...so funny)   So I can reveal the artwork Michele Beschen did actually hanging in our bedroom.

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  1. Looks like you did a lot of work! I like the new paint job. Must feel great to have it done!

  2. Let's see...not the buffet, but the...did you call it liquor cabinet? LOL my mom has a piece almost just like it, which I LOVE...I want to steal it. (hers, not yours hehe)

    I love that you found a lamp with interchangeable shades, that's so cool.

    The curtains are fabulous; that was my first thing I noticed...Love the pattern and the way it makes a statement but doesn't overwhelm everything.

    You're making me feel so slack about not doing my nursery, office, or kitchen reveals! lol :)

  3. That credenza is beautiful. what a find! I'm visiting from SITS and enjoyed your interview. My God woman you have more energy your pinky than I think I have in my whole body! ha ha
    But it's obvious you love what you do and I guess that makes it easy to pull the late nights crafting and creating.
    btw, I'm REAL NJ Housewife too. To be honest, I was so pissed about the bad rap shows like Jersey Shore give our state, I actually started a series of posts on my blog called Really Real New Jersey. Hope you'll consider checking it out sometime 'neighbor'.


  4. I love the curtains. And I'm quite jealous of your pass through; wish I had one.

    What a fun redo for you.

  5. Wow...LOVE that rosary! Its beautiful. Stopping by from SITS. Happy SITS day. You do a great job with such little money. Definitely an inspiration


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