Monday, March 28, 2011


So now that the show finally aired today.....I can show my bedroom reveal.  Well partial reveal because I still have to refinish a dresser and night stand in there and hang another shelf.   But if I didnt tell you all that right there you would think it looks pretty good.

So the room was formerly the jungle fever - rainforest cafe nursery:

The nursery before it because the master bedroom. lol

We dont need alot of small I dont spend time in my bedroom other than to sleep.   Living space is more important to me and I spend most of my time at the dining room table.

First step was to prime/paint those dark walls and I was working with an idea I had when I created an Olioboard.   My husband is from the Caribbean and likes bright colors....me not so much!   So in this case I compromised and I asked if he would like a yellow, and the answer was a YES!

My Black/White/Gray/Yellow Olioboard 

I chose to use Valspar  4006-1A Silver Leaf  for the walls.   I painted the door trim out is Valspar White Semi-Gloss.

Here is the bed wall...no headboard I'm not sure what Im doin yet. Love those little pillows, they were $4.97 at JoAnns (thank you very much)

My transformed lamp was crackle gold and I hit it with some Hammered Silver spray paint and with a NEW HomeGoods shade.   Used a empty old frame and ripped a magazine picture of an old South Carolina house....can you tell that Im dying to move there. 

Love the gray color on the walls...this is Big Daddy J's dresser (hence the big black box on top)

My vintage mirror wall along with my new line of vintage china & crystal jewelry stands (these are mine tho. lol) but I will be listing some in my Etsy shop this week.

Here is the bed wall....those are the fabulous junk art boards that were made for us by Michele Beschen when we appeared on The Nate Show (it aired today...Ahhhhhhhh)

This is my board made from my junk...you can see beads,craft paint, baby thermometer,scissors and a whole bunch of pens,pencils, nails, screws and OMG everything in my kitchen junk drawer.

This is my husbands board made from the stuff in his top dresser drawer, you can see cell phone parts, deodorant, tape, cigar, spongebob toy, coaching whistle and alot of his military items like his cord bracelets and chevrons.  The book in the middle is a military prayer book and Michele said that she couldnt paint that so it's the centerpiece.

I LOVE MICHELE....she was from B.Original on DIY Network and is not coming out with B. Organic and I cant wait to start watching.   She was so sweet and walked back to the green room with us and her and I were discussing re-purposing & recycling projects.  SO FREAKIN COOL...What an awesome experience!

All in all....Im happy with our appearance except for the fact that my reaction was "No Way"  I have NEVER used that phrase in my life!   Anyone who knows me knows that I say OMG (which I type and blog too) or SHUT UP!  that is really my signature line.   

However I think I was a bit nervous (okay I was very nervous when sitting in the audience segment, however once up on the stage and talking to the crew during the break I felt better but I must have unconsciously sensored myself for TV. lol

Well I will have to show my dresser once it's refinished and new hardware is on.   Remember you can turn someone else's trash into your treasure.   You can also repurpose something you have and are tired of into something new and exciting.






  1. I LOVE IT!!! The color combo is SO fabulous. Where did you get the pillows? And I want to see an up close of the Nate show projects!!!

  2. LP I found closeups and added them just for you! Thanks for looking out for my post...xoxoxo


  3. Super chic blog..nice decor tips!
    Would love to see you on my blog dear :)


  4. Love it! How exciting. I love the way it turned out. My husband loves bright colors too, I wanted a beautiful dark brown at our wedding and he wasn't havin' it! Instead we went with tiffany's blue and orange, so carribean!

  5. saw your on Nate - you and your husband did great!

  6. Love the vintage jewelry stands!

  7. I watched it, you were great! And I loved the art, so cool! :)

    I think your bedroom looks so nice, I LOVE the colors, so calm.

    Take care....Jodi

  8. OMG!! That was you!!! I don't watch Nate regularly - but it was when I went downstairs, and I saw that part of the show when I was making lunch!! I didn't hear the whole thing - but I did see you & the idea! It reminded me of something similar I had seen at the CG Art Show - but done with toys.

    CONGRATS girlie for being on the show! That's frickin' AWESOME!!!

    xo Lynda

  9. I love it. Those are all must-have colors for me this season, expecially the yellow. I just got the most kick ass yellow heels!
    I was watching the show, thinking, Seriously? Collage decor out of junk? I'm not so sure about that.
    Then wholly moley, the reveal blew me away! I love the way she did the pop of color on your hubs with the book in the middle. It was awesome. You guys did awesome in there. Can't wait to see the 100% finished design.

  10. Oh my, I am so impressed. Everything is just stunning. Wow, what a transformation and I love the colors. Fabulous. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty


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