Thursday, March 10, 2011


As many of you recall last September I was lucky enough (wink) to attend with my sister a taping for The Nate Show.  It was his 2nd week of taping, and the guest was Dolly Parton.  It was awesome, he was so sweet and he shook my hand.....because we were in The Front Row right next to him (on his left) lol.

Okay so it's starting to sound a little stalkerish....but c'mon he is talented and good-looking not a hard day  to sit and look and listen to him.

A few weeks later I spoke with a rep from The Nate Show and submitted a video on junk drawers ( I know it's my dirty little secret) I have tons of them....junk drawers not secrets! lol     And the world got to see them a few weeks later when it aired as an opening teaser to the show.   I didnt even realize it till my sister texted me "OMG....I just saw you on Nate!  Why didn't you tell me".   LOL

Well I've somehow been blessed again, except this time.    Im actually going to be a guest!   Yep that's right I've been asked to come and talk to Nate about a design dilema in my house.  Now I can't give away any details of the segment but I can tell you that his staff puts in alot of work to make these segments happen.

The biggest surprise of all is that we (producers and I) were able to convince my husband (Big Daddy) to be on the show.  They wanted a couple's perspective.  He is so laid back and not the tv talking kind of person (yes it's true opposites do attract).   Because I'm all about talking....blogging it's all the same!

So today we were picked up by car service and whisked away to NYC to The Nate Show to film our segment.   We spent about 4 hours there and I will post whatever picks I was able to take. Its very busy and alot of practicing and positioning.   However I cant reveal the topic of the segment, the fabulous guest who helped us out or the 2 fabulous gifts my husband and I came home with.  

You will have to watch or set your DVR's on March 28 th to see what Nate did for Big Daddy and I.

A little P.S. message to my wonderful husband who I know loves me a ton because he would never in a million years want to be on TV never the less speak on camera.   But Big Daddy supports me in whatever I do and knew this was a big deal to me, so he came with me and secretly think he had a great time (except maybe for the hair/make up chair) lol.


  1. Congratulations! I'll mark the date!

  2. Oh, my gosh!!!! How exciting! I will definately mark it and record it. I love the Nate Show; I usually try and record it every day! How cool is that?? :) I would have been so nervous, where you?


  3. Oh my heavens, how exciting!! Congratulations!!!


  4. *ahem* I thought for sure I'd get a message telling me the details so I'm going to let it slide since you're probably tired ;) Yay! (and while I know you say your hubby is shy, his eyes look like he's up to something lol)

  5. AWESOME! Way to go you....and yay for Big Daddy. I'll be setting my PVR :)

  6. holy moly, that is AWESOME! you and big daddy are just too cute!


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