Sunday, April 1, 2012


Wow...this time last month I was sitting at my dining room table drawing sketches of what I wanted my shop window to look like...........

This was my vision for March

and this is how it turned out.

It's been so amazing to wake up everyday and turn the key in the door, look around at all the displays and turn on the lights.    It's still not real sometimes...until the door opens and a new face walks in.   I smile and Im happy to hear their compliments about the shop.  Each comment is a glimpse of a successful journey.  An achievement that although determined as I always have been, wasn't sure if or when I could make it happen. But I kept with my concept and in 2012 here I am ....owner of Lucky 7 Design.

I think sometimes that the lettering on the window "Eco Friendly Home Interiors & Gifts" might scare people off, but once I explain to them the concept.  Re use, Re cycle, Re purpose  they get it...I explain the pieces in my shop were at one point in someone's grandmother's house, in a little girl's room, an old printing shop.  It's about preserving this pieces, keeping them out of city/town dumps. 

Making some old new again, so it can continue on it's journey and bring joy to others.   I also try to share in my shop, homemade items made from local artists as well as friends that I have met and admired their craft.  Homemade soaps, laundry detergents, homemade pies and mixes, even eco-friendly paints from a new company that is all about Made in America.  All the furniture in my shop has been given a makeover or spruced up with only eco-friendly paint and I will now be a vessel to bring this paint to the people of my community.  I hope to bring more products with this message to my shop through more art, books, magazines features on the concept and demonstrations.  

Im over the moon excited about the start of my Recycled Art Classes for kids...and have a notebook filled with email addresses of parents names that are interested in bringing their children to the shop.

It reminds be of the movie....where they say if you build it they will come!   Well maybe I didn't build it but Im building my concept inside those walls and little by little they are coming!

I hope that this journey will teach me as well as bless me....I also hope to grow this shop not for business pleasure but to make the concept one to be accepted, admired and adopted by others.


I know this was not my usual post filled with pics but sometimes we need to do something new and this journey has taught me to just keep doing what Im doing.  I have faith in myself even when others did not...and I will continue on my journey and share it the only way I know how...whether it's words or pictures...it will come!



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