Sunday, February 12, 2012


Well the day finally came.....the Sweet 15 party of our friends daughter Amber.  I have been posting pics and sharing the decor I was making for the party on facebook for the past 2 weeks.


It was an awesome party.....so here you go!

The seating card table...those gumballs were done asap. 

Beautiful sign on poster of the bday girl

The boys of the her court and brothers Alex & Joshua

The beautiful bday girl and the girls of her court

The Court

The Candy Buffet

The infamous lollipop tree

Can you say Sweet Tooth

My kiddos minus Buggy plus daughter's boyfriend Anthony

The Lucky charms of the court Samayah and Brianna (sis of bday girl)

Amber with her lucky charms Brianna & Samayah

Sweet 15... Amber

Amber & my daughter Gabriella, they grew up together...and now are grown. wow!

Amber and her bffs

The head table.....awesome archway made by the aunt of the birthday girl!

Awesome cake.....from New York

More of the cool candy archway made by Aunt Sandra

I love this...she can now hang this on her wall....so creative.

The infamous centerpieces

Big Daddy rockin the girls hats..lol

Another table

The girls waiting to do their walk in

DJ going over all the names

Teens chillin in the hideaway room

Head table loaded up with candy for the court....martini glasses filled with cotton candy and pixie stix

Candle ceremony centerpiece made by the dads sister Christina
Our family was humbled by being honored as one of her 15 candles.  

The proud parents...my friends Jeanette & Joey.    Peep daddy with the his pimp cup filled with sweetheart candy. LOL

Daddy's family

Hey there I am with Big Daddy....best seat with the chocolate fountain right behind us :)


The lucky charms entrance

Brianna carried the shoes, Samayah carried the crown

1st couple of the court

2nd couple

3rd couple

4th couple

Amber and her escort

They did such a great job

Lucky Charms presenting the shoes & crown

Dad and the changing of the babygirl shoes to the glittery heels of a young woman

The young men of the court

The young ladies

Father/Daughter dance (  I was crying but got a good pic...damn Im good)

Dancing w/her brother Alex....he's such a good brother.

Dancing w/her Godfather John...he's a good guy too.

The court doing their dance to Ne-Yo

Bday girl working it

Brother Joshua 

They did such a great job after so many months of long practices

Go Amber!!!!!

court couple dancing

Bday girl and her beautiful necklace from her Godfather John!

Bday girl and my husband..

My daughters gettn down on the dance floor.

Mama of the bday girl gettin down in her platforms

My daughter Gabriella & her boyfriend Anthony dancing Salsa

Lil sis of the birthday girl....now that's the sign of a good party.

That and the fact that Big Daddy and I and snuggled on the couch today recovering from our activites.  My feet are killing me from all the dancing and the belly was bouncing.   But we wouldn't have had it any other way, was a great time and we were honored to be a part of it all.



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  1. What a wonderful party! Whew! I know everyone must have slept late today! :) The candy centerpieces were adorable~congrats MJ!


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