Saturday, January 7, 2012


Today Im reflecting on the women who inspired my fashion sense and my love of vintage.   I grew up in a 1 parent household after the age of 5.  My mother Maria and I watched alot of tv together and these were the women I would see.  Her mother Anna was a pretty snazzy dresser herself...she has some amazing legs.  Her thing was stilettos, she had a pair of orange ones.   I have saved a pair of her silver leather weaved sandals..lol

My mother's closet was always fascinating to me...always packed to the ceiling with boxes of shoes and tons of bars holding clothing and coats.   I use to hide in there and try on shoes...and she would eventually catch me and tell me to get out!  I always thought of my mother as a cross between Jackie O and a white Diana Ross....she had the poofy black hair, drawn on eyebrows, BIG sunglasses and always dressed even to go to the store.  I can count on one hand how many times I've seen her wear sneakers, in fact it was in the house when she was doing aerobics. hahaha

Diana Ross

Joan Collins & Diane Carroll

Elizabeth Taylor

Faye Dunaway

Eartha Kitt

Diane Carroll

Joan Crawford

Jacqueline Bovier Kennedy (yes..YSL)

Another of Diana Ross...I love this longer full bob and the fur...(sigh..this is my winter inspiration)

Well here is to the fabulous stylish women who inspire my love of all things old and beautiful...thanks to my Nonna and you too Mom!

My grandmother along with my mother as a young girl. (1950's Brooklyn, NY)

- MJ


  1. What a beautiful post! I found you through Pinky Brown blog. I am a fellow Jersey girl living at the shore. Nice to find another NJ blogger!


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