Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I had been posting on facebook earlier today that I was picking up some vintage canvas shopping baskets for the new shop.   Along with those 25 baskets I was also acquiring a vintage wood Murphy desk.

So after many emails this week, the poster "Dave" and I spoke via telephone and I made it to his home which is literally 5 minutes from mine.  But that is not the funny part of this story.

I tell him in my email that I don't enter properties so could he please have them on a porch or near entry.  He agreed.

I arrive at the home and ring the bell, a young man comes to the door and says hello.   I immediately recognize him, I say "you are my son's.....and he stops me and says no I don't think so.    I said no you were my son Alexander's karate instructor.  LOL

Yes, he was my son's instructor for almost 2 years and Im sure I didn't look the same (pre baby#5. lol)

So we start talking about where he found them and what I told him about me opening the shop up the street (he is right off of the downtown area).    I was shocked, I would never have figured him for a picker but turns out he is definitely that and a good one.

He took me to the garage and showed me his AMAZE-BALLS (Im a Tori Spelling fan what can I say) collection of vintage spray paint cans. Pssssssssst if anyone has any and wants to get rid of them...he is your guy.   His facebook page is Cap Matches Color....he and his partner are working on a book and I was so impressed with his collection.

He had some other items that I had seen on craigslist and I told him that we need to become bff pickers.  I'm still taken with the fact that he is into old and vintage things.    He is primarily more automotive and paint but that works because me...not so much.

Here is what Im crushing on next from his pile......................

Do you know what it is????   Can u guess what Im going to use it for in the shop???

I guess that is why they say you can't judge a book by it's cover.   Who knew that a very strict and talented karate instructor was a auto repair guy and a picker too.

What a fun day....wait to you guys see what Im getting from him next.  I'll have to pace myself so I dont spend the whole shops inventory budget.  But these pieces will be such great displays for the shop and Im so excited to have made this connection/contact.


  1. Was the item you showed an old play pen? So cool!!! Wait to see what all you do! :)

  2. God puts people in our paths...♥ PLEASE don't make us wait too long!!!!!


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