Monday, January 30, 2012

50's Sock Hop

My little girl Samayah turned 5 in December but her bday was the day before my father passed away.  So out of respect I decided to postpone her birthday celebration at least a month later and after the 1 month anniversary of my fathers passing.

So Saturday we got together at our local bowling alley and had a 50's Sock Hop Bowling Party for my babygirl!

Here is the bday girl in full sock hop costume

Big sis Gabi...I think that was a yawn...lol

Samayah and her bff Xavier who was the coolest Greaser!!!!

She has found a new picture pose (lord help us...lol)

Xavier, Samayah and the other Greaser Simon

her friend Regina tryin  at bowling

Cool dude!

Simon & his big sis Alicia

Who said Greasers can't bowl???

Brianna testing out the ramp method

Simon & Alicia

Samayah's friend Duff

Bday girl is ready to bowl

Big sis helpin out with a ramp technique

Samayah & her buddy Regina

The cake table

Pink favors for the girls - Mini Coca-Cola glasses...stuffed with pink cotton candy and pixie stix.  

Boys party favors...yep same dose of pure SUGAR!

Our handmade bowling alley cake from our wonderful family friend Liza, who is also Xavier's mama.

There is the Cake Lady now!!!!

Samayah showing off her cake!

Waiting for the 50s food...hot dogs, cheesburgers, hamburgers and good ol pizza. lol

Chow time!!!

Samayah and 2 of her older siblings Adelina & Alexander

At home..present time...we love to read!!!!

Cool clothes, pajamas and tons of Disney princess stuff!

Since she turned 5....I decide this year we would have a party outside of the house.  Thought it would be less stressful...................turns out NO!  Im just OCD when it comes to party planning, but I like the no clean up part of it so I might keep this tradition!

Thank you to everyone who came out and made our little girls bday special!!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday to her :) So sweet. i hope you are doing well!


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