Wednesday, November 30, 2011


While walking in our downtown Main Street area, I spotted these two vacant store fronts.   I haven't contact the agent yet, so I don't know the rent...but I think the spaces are perfect for what Im looking for my shop.

I know it's probably wishful thinking, but I hoping I can get a good deal on the rent.  Im looking to open in the Spring 2012 and in my wishful dream....have a HUGE Grand Opening!

This store space has beige/sand carpet w/ restroom in right back corner and a back room area. (#1)

This store space has blue/gray carpet and a restroom back left and that slim doorway I believe to room in the back.  (#2)

I'd love to have your feedback on which space you would like for the new home of Lucky 7 Design Home.



  1. i like number 1 better except the ceiling... so glad u are doing so well u need a store front! I wish my business did that well! what's ur secret besides ur amazing product?

  2. MJ - If they are both the same size in retail space, I'd find out how large the back room is....could mean the difference between extra storage or a play area for your children...#2's back wall is more appealing with fewer doors and the ceiling tiles over the lights seems to be new, (Not yellowed) but maybe you can ask the landlord to replay them...They both look great though...and both seem to have a good amount of front windows for displays! What a great space, would love to be in your shoes!!! :) HUGS

  3. I vote for number 2. *fingers crossed and praying*


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