Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Last year during the holidays I decided to paint the whole main floor (consisting of 2 bedrooms, kitchen, dining room) I didnt touch the living room.  But....................................

A year later and I think change is needed...I love the style of my living room, it has a tropical island exotic vibe and I dont want to change that because I love it and designed it that way for my husband and his roots to his island.

However this year I think we are going to infuse some bold color just in time for the holidays and then it will remain there until Im inspired again (it happens quite often...lol)

So yesterday I re arranged the furniture and took out any signs of Halloween (there weren't many in the living room) I left the fall/harvest things up for Thanksgiving.   Im hosting it again this year and my parents will be coming up to visit.

So I wanted to share my corner shot of my Christmas tree placement.    I'm going all out with change and moving the placement of the tree to the other side of the living room close to the window.

This is where the tree was last year...

 I didn't have this vintage chair though and I feel like the tree takes over the space and away from the fireplace and the whole wall itself. 

This is where the tree is going this year....

It's directly diagonal from last years placement...but I think it will work.  I will lose the one black chair and there will be big changes in color and decor.

I'm think of making this into a linky party......WHERE DOES YOUR TREE STAND? 

Im not a linky expert so if anyone can give me some advice on how to set one up I would greatly appreciate it!

- MJ


  1. Dose it have to be in a corner? Why not in front of a window so that the lights can be seen by passers by. I'm sure you do a beautiful tree, why not share it with the world. Seeing how you decorate your tree might inspire someone to be creative this year.

    Good luck

  2. Anita...I have always wanted my tree in front of the window, unfortunately in this house again the living room is too small. I plan on keeping the blinds open so the lights will twinkle through.

    When it's next to fireplace you can see it out the front door and that's why I liked it because I usually keep heavy door open and my full glass door locked (keep in toddlers..lol)

    Im in the planning stages so we will see what happens. Right now I have a big empty corner...lol

    Thanks for the feedback ! xoxo


  3. Our tree goes in a corner too! Our house is L-shaped, and the corner of the "L" is our den. So there's no where we can put the tree so that it can be seen outside :( Our sofa is a sectional, also L-shaped, so we pull apart the 2 pieces, take out an end table, and put the tree in the corner where the sofa usually "meets". I have no clue how to set up a linky, but I'll participate if you do one! :)


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