Thursday, November 3, 2011


I thought I would run around the house today and take some photo's of little vignettes that I have set up throughout.   I have fun merchandising my house and I change them out at the moment of inspiration (even if it's 1 a.m.) LOL

Hope you enjoy a look around the house today.....thankfully you wont see me Im in my leopard fleece lounge pants.   That's the fun part of having a creative career that you can work at home and enjoy your family too.

My bedroom nightstand

Next to my dresser

Outside the bedroom door in the hallway (ha do you spy that candy wrapper in the table opening...haha someone was sneaking some Halloween candy)

In my daughter's nursery/ mama's studio area (ummm yea that gesso drawing is me as a child)hehe

Above dining room liquor credenza

Living room coffee table (I think my toddler stole the handle to my magnifying glass) :)

Dining Room buffet area (it has been stripped of Halloween and getting ready for Thanksgiving)

Vintage bar cart is stocked in dining room

Living room shelves

more living room shelves

Living room fall mantle

living room fall mantle

Hope you all had fun, now take a few minutes and set up some interesting little displays in your home!


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  1. Oh Melanie, I love them all. You do such a great job with all of your vignettes and displays. Always fun to see how you change things. Hugs, marty


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