Friday, October 7, 2011


Tissue flower garland........I spotted this type in Better Homes & Gardens Halloween Issue.  I didn't  have the exact supplies so I did with what I had.

Here are the suggested supplies:

Natural colored coffee filters
White doilies (I substituted white tissue paper)
Black ribbon
Plate (best in dessert size 4-6")

Here is the picture from the magazine..............

Better Homes and Gardens Halloween Issue 2011

I love this garland, but had to work with limited supplies

Coffee filters, White tissue paper, Scissors, Pen

I used my Pier 1 fall dessert plate to trace out circles on a stack of tissue paper

Then cut the circles out with scissors

Make a sandwich 1 white tissue - 1 coffee filter - another white tissue

Fold in half

Then in half again, so it looks like a cone shape

Twist at the bottom and wrap with floral wire...leaving at least 4-5 inches overhang so you can attach it to your black ribbon.   

From my event planning/ favor business I have huge spools of ribbon so I didn't cut until I was done attaching the flowers then snipped my ends and tacked onto wall.

Here is my creepy garland over my living room/dining room archway

I added some black bows in the center of some flowers

I didn't want a very full garland for this particular holiday or archway, but it has given me a fabulous idea for the next holiday season Christmas! lol



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