Tuesday, October 4, 2011

BLOGGER GONE WILD.............

I haven't had faux (fake) nails in I dont know how long.   When I was 18, I actually went to Cosmetology school for manicuring and planned to open a salon of my own.   Well..........................I followed another path but never lost my love for nail design.   That was actually my specialty....airbrushing and hand painted designs.

So while I was shopping this weekend for my niece's b-day treats I found these and thought I would grab a couple of packs for the girls to put on while we were visiting G-ma's house.

My oldest chose the small leopard pattern, and was the designated nail technician for the day! LOL

These are my 17 yr old daughter's nails

Those are the faux nails applied with glue

Leopard pattern is already made into the nail

She cut them down to a comfortable length for testing this week.

This is what the packet looks like, except this is my pattern! lol

Yep...this blogger has gone wild!

Wild for leopard prints.......now on my nails too!

This is the size & length of the nails out of the box, all I did was glue them on!

I think they look really cool and I'm gonna run out and buy some more tomorrow.

Wanna know where I found these bargain beauties...............
Dollar Tree!
(Don't think I need to tell you the obvious price)

Can you believe it??????

I don't think I will be heading to the salon anytime soon....at this price I can buy every pack on the shelf and have enough fabulous patterns for a while.


  1. My daughter has these too! But she bought them at the pharmacy. They work great!

  2. They do work great...I have purchased the ones they sell at Walgreen's too. Those have the sticky insides....but these had to be glued on.

    Hey for $1 Im okay with that. That's a savings of almost $3/per pack.

    Thanks so much for stopping by.

    Lucky 7 Design
    Mama J and Her Fashionistas

  3. So cute! I went to Cosmetology School also. I didnt use it as my career but I do have a spa room in my house for friends who want facials or waxing.

  4. I love that idea....I originally did them in my home but Im afraid now my girls would be all over that room. It sounds fabulous, im sure your friends love coming over.


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