Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This post is for all those parents, grandparents and caregivers of a child of mixed heritage.  I don't care if your black/white, black/asian, latin/black, latin/asian, white/latin.   When I was pregnant with  I prayed for my baby to have curly hair, the saying be careful what you wish for is true.   I had no idea the trouble curls can give you.  I have wavy hair myself so nothing like what I received.  From day one that head of curls had to be handled..lol

I didn't want to lather them with product as infants so I waited.... but then I tried gels, creams, lotions, hair dressing oils...nothing gave it a natural curl look.  It was either crunchy, oily or frizzy.

I heard about this product MIXED CHICKS and had to give it a try on my 2 youngest girls......they happen to be BlackCaribbean/Italian/Irish/PuertoRican.

They have 2 different types of hair despite the same background.    I have tried many things on both of them, but this was going to be the big test.    Something created for them specifically...my little Mixed Chicks.

Mixed Chicks has products available for women and men!  So you can use these products on your daughters and sons....

This is my littlest daughter "KeKe", she is 19 months old and has the curliest hair Ive ever seen.  These curls bounce back like an elastic.   Her hair is long but you would never know it because the curls are so tight to her head.

She has soft but very kinky corkscrew curls.

They frizz up if left with no product, grease or hair cream

It was crazy so I took her to my hairstylist for her 1st cut at about 16 mos old.

Do you see how long this child's hair is....those curls are so tight!

This is her older sister " Maya J", much longer hair with soft loose curls....also brought her to my stylist to layer it because her curls get all twisted up like dreadlocks

Frizzy mane

Sometimes with tieback the top

Somedays we grease it back into a ponytail

This is a half up - half down style I use on her if her bottom curls are still good

On bad hair days.....we just grease it up into a bun!

Okay so now these pics are the before & afters after using Mixed Chicks for Kids on my girls.

Before: Front shot

Before: Back shot

After: Front shot

After: Back/side shot

Hair is less frizzy and falling nicely

KeKe is always on the move, so photos are hard with her.   But this is after her bath and Im lovin this product especially for her hair!  Thank you Mixed Chicks.

Her hair is soft, shiny and beautiful curls

No frizz or patches of knots.

Just perfect little ringlets

I love the way her curls look and feel now.

I encourage everyone who has an issue with their own hair or their child's hair because of texture...to try this.   I am  so confident that you will like it that I'm going to giveaway a Trial Pack of Kids Haircare!

Just leave a comment below and tell me what issue you are having with either your hair and your child's hair.   THAT'S IT!

Giveaway will run until Sunday at midnight...I will announce winner on Monday!

Please note:  My opinion is of my own, I have not been paid or asked by MIXED CHICKS to review this product.  I did so of my own doing and so glad that I did.

For more information and photos please visit the MIXED CHICKS website...as well as LIKE them on MIXED CHICKS on Facebook



  1. I don't even know where to start with Charlie's hair, it is just like Keke's...Really long but so curly, you can tell how long it is. I am so glad you did this because her hair was driving me nut and she was not enjoying getting her hair done anymore because of all the knots when she wake up in the morning.

    Thanks MJ...Can not wait to try this on Charlie :)

  2. Adorable. and.... Adorable.

    I had to say it twice because they both are just that adorable. :)

  3. They look so cute!!! My Cristian has super curly hair like all of my husband's family, but he keeps it cut short now so not a problem. When he was little, it would get like your youngest one. I miss those curls!!

  4. They are adorable!

  5. Wow, looks like that stuff works wonders! While I'm mixed only with white, pale white, and pasty white people (hahahaha)...I have some (a lot) of frizz and waves that are a PAIN to tame, so I can only imagine having to wrestle with it on my little's heads! They are beautiful as always, but man...I seriously can tell on Keke! Gorgeous.

  6. I'm having issues with my hair being dry, frizzy, and matted looking no matter what I do to it. I have really tight curls/ coils and I'm desperately looking for something to keep them moisturized and defined

  7. I've had long curly hair all my life. lately it does not feel or look the same. It's dry, frizzy and unruly. I haven't been able to find anything that can control it without giving it a weighed down our caked up look and feel.


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