Wednesday, October 26, 2011


On Wednesday afternoon, I took my children (yep, all 5 of them) to a community event in my town of Woodbridge, New Jersey.    They were holding a Pumpkin Painting event for the kids....and it was FREE.

The event was held at a little spot in town called Parker Press, it's in the heart of our township and now the hosting spot of many activities for the community.    It is quaint and has an old town charm to it so I had to snap some pics while my Picasso's were in the moment.  Or as my son said while he was painting "I'm like the modern day DaVinci"...yes he is the one who will be a politician one day...or a lawyer.   Not shy, loves to talk and gets his point across.  I'll probably be his campaign manager and definitely his event planner. LOL

The front grounds of Parker Press

The building

I love the pathway to the building

The Bell

Ghosts in the tree

My kiddos and their pumpkins

Buggy didn't paint one but she learned the work "pumpkin" today! Yay!

The artists at work

Still going....

#1's pumpkin

#2's pumpkin

#4's pumpkin

Here is my crew and their pumpkins.

I have to say that as much as I want to escape the city and move to SC someday.  Living where I do in a historic town, gives me that hometown feel with all the perks of city life.  Big shout out to Mayor John E. McCormac for all that he has brought to our town, the activities, the sense of community, the pride.

For info on Parker Press you can click HERE
and you can click above (on the word town) for more about our township.  


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  1. What a wonderful day! Just something about fall and pumpkins, knowing the weather is about to change and Christmas is around the corner! Looks like everyone had a fun time!
    :) MP


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