Monday, June 6, 2011


This Sunday I went with my friend (a.k.a. living room makeover girl) Liza to research a street/craft fair in a neighboring town.  Well to our disappointment it was not crafty at all but it was in the street ....and a whole lot of information booths for dance schools, and window/door people offering estimations ( I kid you not, the rep actually yelled out FREE ESTIMATIONS and then caught her self and corrected it. But it was just a sign that things were not as they were advertised.


What happened to good ol' street fairs where people sell there crafts.   Even our flea markets are bad, everyone is selling new stuff, well knock offs (which I dont mind in purses)  North Face, Juicy Couture & Sean John.  No junk, no knick knacks, silverware, linens....it's like an outside mall. AHHHHHHHHHHHH Im in city hell!  Someone give me a pair of cool kick ass cowboy boots and a pretty sundress and let me go down South already!!

They did have food stands however the pricing was ridiculous.  $8-$10 for a sandwich, that I have to eat standing up while holding a drink. Ummmmmmmmmm we thought not, so we decided to go and have a girls sit down lunch instead.  And we did...we ate, we loved, we prayed....well I prayed that I could put all the good ideas we were discussing into a selling venue soon.   (Pssssssssssst news on that coming soon)

Okay so besides the highlight of the day LUNCH, we also hit a good score.    On the way to the fair she says  I drove passed this house w/ Dave (her hubs) and I saw this table and some stuff"  She said he just kinda looked at her so she says "Okay I'll just come back with Melanie" lol    AND YOU KNOW SHE DID.

Here is what I got at the house she drove by....priceless!

Here is the stuff on my back deck:

Huge standing metal planter (2 ft long)
Planter boxes
Fall decoration
Iron Christmas stand (weighs at least 30 lbs.)
Ironwork piece ( I think its for your hose, but not sure)lol
Small cube cabinet (not shown- already in the football cave)

Wood for some new items being creating for clients and my Etsy shop

Singer sewing machine & the most awesome coffee table on the planet (real wood & iron)

I have bumped this table to my top priority project list because Ive had an idea for awhile but will now do it on the table rather than what I originally planned.

Hey by the way..............


I have a surprise announcement on Friday then.....

 Im throwing a bash next Monday, check out Lucky 7 Design Facebook page for the announcements on how to enter all the giveaways.  I have some fabulous ladies celebrating with me:

If anyone else is interested in being a part of the giveaway please let me know soon, email me at lucky7design@yahoo.com



  1. Yay! Congrats on your blog-iversary and your big haul. Boo on the fair :( Mila and I paid a lot of $$$ to do one that ended up like that once. It sucked.

  2. I am totally there with you on lame fairs! Its time for a good ole' fashion flea market revival.

    Awesome finds btw!

  3. Congrats on your anniversary! Quite a feat!


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