Sunday, June 5, 2011


Well I love me some I Heart Rock n Roll (and my crafty things too).  I want to share my friend Tricia (bloggy bff) with you all.   Most of you most definitely know her and her jewelry, if not I cant imagine how or why.

Since the day I met her on Facebook and we shared blogs and I started buying her pieces...I have quite a few. lol   I have also given some as gifts.  Here are 2 of the pieces I have in my IHRnR collection.

Her famous Keep Calm and Carry On necklace

I've actually purchased these in magnet form to sell at my tent shows this summer.  I love other talented people and we just have that kinda relationship.  

My 1st purchase

She is just an all around GOOD person and we think the same way about blogging and jewelry making.  No need for competition, we can all support each other.   And.....that she does.   She should've been a marketing consultant, her virtual people skills are amazing.  Everyone loves her.   In April she reached 1000 fans on her I Heart Rock n Roll Facebook page and threw a huge bash and the biggest & most organized giveaway I've even seen.

The amount of donations from her fellow bloggers and Etsy shop owners was amazing.  I myself donated and Im thinking she is going to have to plan my 1 year Blogiversary Party (this month...stay tuned she is that good)

We have lots in common besides lovin jewelry, the beach, wanting our own shops and calling our husbands Big Daddy...(it is true I swear and they're truly Big Daddys). lol    Hey Noah!!

This is Tricia and her Big Daddy!

Tricia has been making jewelry since 2006 and just recently thanks to Big Daddy (hers) they moved closer to the beach (T loves the beach) and she is now able to stay home and focus on her jewelry making.  Here are just a few of her pieces from her I Heart Rock n Roll Etsy shop


Tray necklace


In the short time we've know each other, we have had our deep emails and made a connection with a couple of other bloggers who we like a lot.  We are like our little own support system...we are always in contact on Facebook and sharing each others posts and blogs.  I love Tricia and I support her ideas and endeavors, she is not only a professional contact but now a personal friend.

She also joined me on the Mommy Blogger Team for Haddad Brands and now blogs for Levi's, Nike, Jordan too!   It's fun to see the mom side of her come out and her cutie pies too.

Her cuties

I hope you will all take the time and visit her blog and see what she's all about.   I already know and love everything about her but I want you to see for yourselves.



To make it real simple for you, Ive listed all her contact spots on the bottom so you don't have to scroll through the post.

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/tricia.iheartrocknroll
Blog  http://iheartrocknroll-tricia.blogspot.com/
Etsy  http://www.etsy.com/shop/IHeartRocknRoll?ref=pr_shop

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