Thursday, September 8, 2011


Or in my case CURB DEAL!    You remember back in the Spring I had a sweet junk haul...a nice Italian man sold his house (across from my daughter's high school) and he had a ton of antique furniture and was putting it at the curb for pick up.  They were nice but very dirty and not well treated.   I'll refresh your memory.

Although I had originally planned by this time to have all my furniture filled garage emptied out and all the furniture ready for sale at the town fair.    Well.....of course too much has happened and I started purging out of anger and disappointment.

When I asked Big Daddy to take these out of the garage, I just looked at them and couldn't throw them away.   I was inspired to give them new life and so I put them aside.

On Labor Day while my husband was at work, I grabbed my can of Olde White (AS Chalk Paint) and gave them a rough coat of paint.  

  I didnt do any prep obviously but I did find that the paint might not cover all surfaces that well.    I noticed as it was drying that some brownish tint was coming through the paint.   Im assuming its a varnish coat underneath or something...I didn't mind it because it gave it age and crackle spots.   

After a coat of Olde White Chalk Paint

Here they are in my bedroom...I think they fit in nicely

I like that they look chippy and old.  I dont shiny bright nightstands.

I decided I wanted to paint the hardware too, I dont know why but I love how it turned out.

Here is a wide view...I was nice a put the other one (without the handle) on my husband's side. LOL


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  1. What nice redos! They look great in your bedroom. And curbside finds are the best! Thank you for joining TTF and have a fun weekend!

  2. yes I am jelly..those look great. I can never find a set of anything like that. great job lady!

  3. you have a beautiful family! i love this blog too, one of my fave things to do is upcycle or repurpose stuff i find. most of my furniture before i got married was stuff i found and made my own, lol. xoxo

  4. Very pretty tables. The room looks great! (Love your little comment quote at the bottom - you are right, God does not like ugly! I will use that with my kiddos!) ~Kim

  5. Pretty tables ~ Pretty Room! Love your comment quote at the bottom - your right - God doesn't like ugly! That is cute:)

  6. Nice makeover! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!


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