Sunday, September 25, 2011

7 DAYS.....................OF SNAKESKIN

This week I'm doing something new here on the blog.    It's the beginning of the new fall season and I've been focusing a lot on fashion because I have purged my closet of pre and post baby clothes and I'm in need of some new digs.

H&M has such amazing clothes that are right in with the trends and sometimes just those fabulous pieces just you might like.   I've seen the commercial a million times over and I had to go and get this snakeskin faux wrap dress.   Can I just say, it was $14.95!  Are you kidding me, who can pass that up?   And because I'm such a thrifty mama (My mother is the queen of sale/clearance thrifty coupon shopping) I showed them my smartphone which displayed my email from H&M offering me 20% off!   Oh yea baby!!!!

I'm a huge fan of wrap dresses, what can I say I'm a 70's baby.   Diane von Furstenberg is the iconic wrap dress queen.   I;m also a lover of animal prints (most of you know this by my leopard sofa) lol   But I think animal prints in fashion are so versatile and fun.  I have a lot of accessories but not much in actual clothing, so this is my starting point.

As the mother of 5, running a household of 7 .......shopping sprees are not in my vocabulary any more.   So I want to focus on classic key pieces and then see how many ways I can wear the one item.    

For the next 7 days I will wear this same snakeskin dress from H&M and I will make it work friendly, dress it up and wear it casually.   

I'm thinking I might make this a monthly challenge and turn it into a linky.   If I can figure out how to do it I will add it to the last post of the week!

I also have a special surprise giveaway at the end of this challenge!  Hope you will check in and comment everyday to see what skin I'm in next.

Here is the dress with a simple metallic elastic sash and black platform heels.

(I haven't been feeling well all week, so please excuse the not so happy face...I love my dress just not a good day for pictures)  LOL

Don't forget to check back for the giveaway news!

For more fabulous H&M styles, check out their website H&M.com as well as H&M on Facebook....sign up for their newsletter and you might just receive your 20% email too!


  1. I'm such an animal print junkie! Lol! Love your dress. Saw a similar one at Kohls from the new J-Lo line. Got my eye on it.

    BTW - Thanks for the comment about my jewelry on the GIGS blog! Be sure to enter my giveaway to win your own Bohemian Spirit Baubles!

    Myisha :)

  2. Have on a snake print top today.

  3. This snakeskin print is fabulous! Thanks so much for your comment, I just checked out your Etsy store- you've got some great recycled pieces there : )



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