Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Here was the beginning of the initial transformation of my Craigslist Oak fireplace.  I decided I wanted it to be more of a focal point since it's the first thing you see when you walk in the house.  I used Valspar black paint Nero.

This was the stripped down look, I had to sand before painting.

This was the end result for beginning of summertime.  We have an island theme in our living room and I dont plan of changing that but I wanted a lighter summer feel.  

Sooooooooooooooooooo.....everything came down and I started playing around.

The center artwork came down and I took 2 frames from the nursery to bring the colors of the shells on the walls.   

I also distressed the fireplace a bit too...it was very nice and black but I wanted a more worn, aged look.

I added some more seaside accessories.  Like the big shell ball from our beach bathroom downstairs.   We always collect seashells so we are never in need.  

I have this lovely HAMILTON typeset drawer that I havent yet listed in my L7D Etsy shop.  So I borrowed it and using it for Etsy photos too (im a multi-tasker) lol

I filled those awesome little compartments with some cool shaped and colorful shells. 

I hope I can part with this thing...Im really loving it on my wall there and can use it year round for holiday displays...Uh oh I might be in trouble!

Here is what Im working with at this point...I like it but I know myself and will switch it up a bit by next week probably sooner. 

Here is a look of the total left side area of the living room.  Dont mind Sesame Street on the TV...just one of things you will see daily in my house.  We love Elmo...luckily there isnt any blocks or cheerios on the floor.

So dont be afraid to use unusual things in your displays and play around and have fun with it.....often like me if you like too!


I decided to do a breakdown of the items and there origins.

Fireplace - Craigslist
Island tree art frames -    The Great Indoors (now closed)
Glass apothecary jars -  Home Goods
Shells - collected from various beach trips
Shell Ball - Home Goods
Candlestick - Vintage pottery piece from flea market
Cream Chair - Craigslist
Vintage birdcage - Craigslist
Elephant tables - Craigslist
Ivory/wood tray - Home Goods
Ostrich balls - handmade
Bamboo sticks - Home Goods
Typeset drawer - estate sale
Cream frames - found broken & repurposed w/ burlap
Black throw - actually one of my scarves :)
Olive rainboots - Spring

36th Avenue


  1. I have something nice to say... ;)

    Your typeset drawer is lovely, beautiful, incredible, AWESOME.... in a perfect world it would be mine.

    Thank you for sharing the makeover at my link party.

  2. I like it! And I say keep the typeset drawer. I think I may have one somewhere...
    xo~ Michelle

  3. Beauteeeful!! That reminds me that I also have a typeset drawer ( I call it a printer's box) packed away! Do you have any of the type sets? I am missing one letter to spell SMILE, but I don't remember which letter ! Love how you use the everyday...

  4. I really do not know how you find the time or the energy!!! :) I just sold a typeset drawer in my booth over the holiday weekend! Thinking now I should have saved it! LOL!


  5. Love the fire place...Very elegant:)

  6. Very nice! Love it!!!! Given the same materials, I could never put them together so beautifully. I am design challenged!!! :)

  7. What a FABULOUS Craigslist find...beautifully redone!


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