Sunday, July 31, 2011

MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL...................

Well not yet ! But we are super excited in this house that the lock out is over and the boys and back in uniform and on the field!

We are Dallas Cowboy Fans in this house (although I secretly love the Eagles too).   So while I was working on a few projects for a contest, I was inspired to create on for our football room A.K.A.  Cowboy Cave!

This chair was just a plain old spindle back chair that would go with your everyday farm table.   Nothing to write home about, but it had good bones.   I was entering an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Chair Makeover Contest ....now my original idea was 2-tone and stenciling.

But with all the news of the Cowboys and training camp, I decided Paris Grey was it!  When he was all painted up.......it definitely said Cowboys to me!     I painted on the navy star and added some lines (these were suggestions from my kids, because the uniforms have lines too)   I have some future Design Star's on my hands here. lol

This is where it has found it's home by the entry way under my husband football wall of fame.   I wanted to display his football career too so he has a wall in his football room too!  I think it fits nicely and might paint the partner to this chair the same and bring it down to the cave.......we need a lot of seating this season!

Hope you all enjoyed the photos and this very simple makeover (I say simple because as everyone knows) I didnt have to do a thing to that old ugly chair but brush on some AS Chalk Paint and I already had an awesome chair to work with.

Let's go Cowboys!


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  1. Very cute, yet simple chair! Love it! You're so good!

  2. Oh honey...Great minds DO think alike!!! I "rescued" 2 IKEA chairs from certain death on a curb last spring.
    My son and I are deciding which COLTS color combo we will be painting them! Definitely the big horseshoe on the seat,thinking about stenciling a player's name on the back, kinda like a director's chair...I will do before and afters! LOVE & SMILES!


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