Friday, July 15, 2011


This week was fairly rough on me physically.   Without whining Im having some health issues and have been running to doctor appointment and all that fun stuff.    I was in bed 2 days this week ( I know....completely unheard of for me)

But I was so pleasantly surprised all week by packages in the mail.  Now some were supplies that I ordered (its still a happy surprise for me).   Other packages were sweat surprises from my friends in blogland...now we always say bloggy bff but there ladies and really friends.   Even though we have never met, we talk online...comment on each other blogs, support each other in our Etsy shops and Im so grateful to have them as a support system.

Hey the fact that are just such freakin talented ladies is purely coincidental!   I roll with talented chicks what can I say!  Im not going to name all of my girls in the crew but theyre on my blog sidebar and they all know who they are!

Now Im gonna show some pics of my presents that I couldnt resist taking pictures of when I got them!

Look at the beautiful packaging from 58 & Grace...it would make the sickest person smile!

My vintage Scrabble pieces...she adhered them to an awesome Bingo card!  I have to order more for projects because I can touch this its two perfect....gonna take it out of the plastic and frame it! No......I really am....stay tuned for that coming up on the blog soon!

Here is the necklace I immediately made from the vintage game pieces I ordered from 58 & Grace. (yes sick and all...got up and ran to my table and put it together) BAM!

These babies came from Flutterby Kisses...I told her once that that fabulous butterfly charm reminded me of my logo with the script text background!

How freaking awesome is this, I love this and will now need to order many more!  How cute is my logo looking in there! 

This little vintage looking beauty is new from I Heart Rock n Roll   It reminds me of  old typewriter keys.  She made this for me along with these adorable earrings (photo not available here but definitely in her shop)

This actually was the first to arrive last week from Smitten By A Promise...I love this bracelet.  She asked my favorite colors and I told her to surprise me.....well she did a fabulous job I love it.   The beads are pearly white with speckles of gold.

I love all my bffs!   With or without their fabulous gifts, because they give me the most important thing......SUPPORT!   I try my best to support everyone, I don't think there is a need for jealousy or drama!

Well Im glad that the days in my sick bed were brightened by beautiful packages and warm comments ( you know I had my phone and was checking in on Facebook!

Stay tuned Ive got some big news about Tuesday!



  1. Hey! Please take care of YOU, so you can keep doing all the stuff I love so much!

    Sending you some healing angels!


  2. What lovely creations! You are very talented. Happy SITS day! Your ability to love your family and create a successful business is an inspiration :)

  3. Saw you on SITS! It's nice to meet a real NJ Housewife - I was raised in NJ, and I still consider it "home."

  4. Those are beyond gorgeous! What a lovely package to arrive in the mail!

    Congrats on your SITS day!

  5. Oh my gosh, she packaged all of your stuff so beautifully! I love the necklace you made. :)

  6. Wow, beautiful! I especially like the one with your blog logo :) You do have lovely bloggy friends.

  7. Love the jewelry pictures. I love making jewelry too and have a separate blog for it (www.aletasaccessories.blogspot.com) Isn't it great to make something and be able to wear it right afterwards! Love the Lucky 7 pendant!

  8. How wonderful to have such a great support system from the world of bloggers through SITS. Happy SITS day!

  9. How sweet to have such supportive, awesome bloggy friends. And they're crafty to boot! Love all these gifts and glad to hear they made your day.

  10. Great stuff, very well done! You are a creative lady, and you've inspired me! Congrats on your SITS day!


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