Thursday, February 20, 2014

A PILLOW MAKEOVER..............

Well it was a nasty rainy day so I decided to take a ride to my local Home Goods store.  When I say local I mean it's literally 5 mins away from my house.    I love strolling the aisles for inspiration, grabbing random pieces to scatter around the house.  I also LOVE hitting the Clearance sections, I always do well there too.

Here is what I came home with, sometimes less is more.

I collect green glass so that vase/bottle was a no brainer....the red package are Valentine's Day napkins set of 4...my kitchen has red accents so those will work perfectly.  And then there is my pillow.  I have been searching for accent pillow for my Family Room.    This one was in Clearance section, actually all 3 items were red tag treasures.  

Here is what I decided to do with my new pillow.

My blank canvas... $8 Clearance pillow

I taped on my stencils,and outlined the edges

I filled in my stencil outline with paint pen

Bam.....it's all about FAMILY in my Family Room.

And a lil bit of Irish for the upcoming holiday!

- MJ

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