Monday, August 5, 2013

RUSTIC WEDDING..............................

It is no secret that rustic style weddings have become increasingly more popular, especially in the North East.   We have historic barns now holding events, we have facilities building barns and rustic dwellings on their property to cater to this new found love of everything old and rustic.

I for one am a huge fan of rustic and it's the core of where my business is based.   Most of my inventory falls under the rustic theme.    I'm exciting that it is becoming a bigger deal here in NJ and hope that couples continue to look outside the box when deciding on venues and a style for their wedding.

Now there are a few different style of rustic...you can have country, barn, western and tuscan.  It all depends on the feel and the environment you want to create.

This weekend I was lucky enough to work with a great team at a farm up out in Pennsylvania.  I can't share all the details but I will give you an idea of what pieces I chose and that you too can use to create a rustic barn wedding.

Here was my beginning pull...key words were Rustic/BBQ/Barn

Sometimes you work with what you can find..in this case..a newer farm style table 

Mason jars are always a smart choice...can be used for decor or for drinking your sweet tea

Doors are great for backdrops or as tabletops, the more beat up the better

Fun additions are paper straws for you beverages, ex your mason jars.

Old milk crates are another great addition..especially if you can be so lucky to have your event on a dairy farm. Use them for photo, favor or dessert displays.

You can't ever have too many old wooden chairs

Simple neutrals linens are key to keeping your tables simple and let the rustic quality of the venue and decor shine.

Handmade signs are a great way to personalize your theme...here we used our signs to point guests to all the important areas on the farm.

Painted mason jars allow you to bring in your wedding colors, they can be candleholders or vessels for your tabletop flowers.  

Glass, Metal, Wood are your key materials to give you a rustic look

If you are like me, occasionally you might have your husband make farm tabletops for an event. 

All photos are props available from Lucky 7 Design, please contact us if you have any questions regarding props for weddings and events.   We offer online and phone consultations to those of you not located in the tri-state area.



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