Monday, March 12, 2012


One of the benefits of opening my shop on Main Street is that we have the best parades and I now have a front row seat.   Yesterday was my town of Woodbridge, New Jersey's Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade....it is a big deal in our town.  People come from all over to sit on Main Street and watch the parade...to see all the fun groups, organizations, dance schools, local officials and service units along with our local high school bands marching in the parade.  Our Mayor just so happens to be Irish so how could we do it anything but BIG!!!

My window was all dressed in GREEN for the event and (cough, cough) I am a Eco-Friendly boutique so what other was there to go that GREEN.  Did I mention my grandfather is an Irishman...from Dublin.  So today I honored him and the Loughney name and wore my green and shamrocks.

My neighbor at the skate shop and I had the table and a sofa outside and our stores were packed our front with parade goers, our families, children and friends.   Awesome crowd.

I have to say I got some great compliments and some wonderful feedback.  I was told "it's about time", "just what we need"  "how refreshing", "how awesome", "how creative and beautiful" my shop was and that made me feel great.  I think I will be well received once we get our name out a bit more and people know that I am there on Main Street now.

Here are a few pics from the days events.........Happy St. Patrick's Day to ya!  (early but still it was on this day)

My GREEN Irish window display

I even had a little leprechaun in my window too

Parade goers and people entering our little shop raffle

My husband, me and the coolest Marine...he might be cooler than the drill Sgt. from Full Metal Jacket!

I was glowing from excitement of being a business owner on Main Street

My little Irish display for the parade goers, cool stuff and snacks.  



  1. You really are glowing, you know...I'm so proud of you! I know I keep saying it, but I really am. I am so impressed with all the arrangements in the shop, and I'm sure it's even more awesome in person.

  2. U rock, straight out, lady. Congrats on your store :) You look so proud and you should be. Even the Mr. is puffed up for you ;)


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