Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I've been so busy lately with the 2 blogs and FB pages and in the midst of all this trying to get a 4 room makeover done before my daughter's 1st birthday in March!  

Did I mention that I returned home  Sunday Valentine weekend and by Wednesday we all got some horrible stomach virus and it has spread to my entire family of 7 (not so lucky) lol   It's over a week now and still running through the house.   Can you say L-Y-S-O-L

Sickness and all, Im a determined decorator.   This is a sneak peek of what Im working on this week along with playing nurse to my family, blogging, and somewhere in there administering medicine to myself to keep going.

This is a before of my sky blue bedroom, which will now be the new nursery for my soon to be 1 yr old.

This is my medicine.....glass upon glass of Diet Pepsi

I put my FREE Valspar sample kit to use...thank you Valspar & Lowe's

Im still so addicted to the bird fabric that the room is going to be based on that fabric and color scheme.

If you look closely you can see that the sky blue wall is gone.....but that's all your getting for now.

Done so far:

Empty room
Prime & Paint room
Move in furniture
Install more closet bars
Organize all the girls clothes in closet
Hang curtains

Still to do:

Paint antique children's bed
Paint hutch
Configure a desk area
Add art to the walls

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  1. Hi Melanie :)
    So glad that you found me! I do believe that we share similar tastes....we are pretty dang cool chicks! Hehehe

    Cant wait to see your nursery project. That bird fabric is lovely!!


    ps - i am lov'n that you drink Diet Pepsi out of a wine glass -


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