Monday, November 29, 2010


Well my wonderful husband pulled all my christmas tubs out of the garage (i think the total was about 22) and on Friday I packed away Thanksgiving and welcomed my favorite holiday CHRISTMAS!

Im very busy with trying to get the holiday line up this week but I did snap some shots of what I started but of course will probably add to, tweak or just completely change. lol

My Victorian Village in the Dining Room...a little nervous this will be 1st year is in reach of little hands.

We have such a large family that we hang our stocking over the LR archway..and those are just for the children in the house.  Always buy an extra stocking, you never know when you will have another baby. lol

The top of the fireplace...this still needs work.   I didnt purchase anything new this year....working with what I already have.   I got those pictures at Bed Bath & Beyond on 75% off clearance 2 yrs ago in Spring. 

This is my prized possession for Christmas...it was hand made by my grandfather Salvatore.   The pieces are from Italy (some are chipped but its makes them more precious to me).   I have to go grab some of the fall hay before the trash gets collected....and place some inside

The kitchen hutch which I didnt have last year.  Its holding my collection of Christmas teapots as well and holiday plates.   This hutch has been a blessing, so glad i refinished it and kept it.

Linky up to my first holiday parties since starting my blog in June.


  1. You go girl....22 boxes Holy cow! Looking good though, I am doing the same thing, but I do not have 22 boxes lol!

  2. handmade by a family member in italy? that's amazing! no wonder it's a prized posession. your house looks great all decked out for xmas. i decorated over the weekend, but there are still tubs everywhere. we didn't do the tree yet. i wish i could snap my fingers and everything would put itself out, and put itself away. hope you had a great thanksgiving!

  3. 22 boxes! You Rock! Your decoration are looking great and like your idea for the stockings. Trying to decide where we are putting ours this year! I am so glad you have your hutch, the teapots look beautiful!

  4. I love the nativity scene made by your grandfather - what a treasure to own. Your hutch wiht the Christmas china looks so homey and welcoming. It's just saying come on in and sit down for some tea.

  5. 22 boxes!!! My husband was complaining about our 12! Now I feel better. Your home looks just beautiful!


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