Sunday, July 31, 2011

MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL...................

Well not yet ! But we are super excited in this house that the lock out is over and the boys and back in uniform and on the field!

We are Dallas Cowboy Fans in this house (although I secretly love the Eagles too).   So while I was working on a few projects for a contest, I was inspired to create on for our football room A.K.A.  Cowboy Cave!

This chair was just a plain old spindle back chair that would go with your everyday farm table.   Nothing to write home about, but it had good bones.   I was entering an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Chair Makeover Contest ....now my original idea was 2-tone and stenciling.

But with all the news of the Cowboys and training camp, I decided Paris Grey was it!  When he was all painted up.......it definitely said Cowboys to me!     I painted on the navy star and added some lines (these were suggestions from my kids, because the uniforms have lines too)   I have some future Design Star's on my hands here. lol

This is where it has found it's home by the entry way under my husband football wall of fame.   I wanted to display his football career too so he has a wall in his football room too!  I think it fits nicely and might paint the partner to this chair the same and bring it down to the cave.......we need a lot of seating this season!

Hope you all enjoyed the photos and this very simple makeover (I say simple because as everyone knows) I didnt have to do a thing to that old ugly chair but brush on some AS Chalk Paint and I already had an awesome chair to work with.

Let's go Cowboys!


Furniture Feature Fridays

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I've been MIA for a few days......well for almost a week now!    Lots of things going on in this casa lately.   But I havent strayed from my passions.      New jewelry pieces are coming very soon, and Im finally getting to some furniture redesigns.  

Here is what Im working on this week:

Hopefully they will be done by the end of the week!  

- MJ

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Okay so Ive been in over my head for about 2 weeks now with new jewelry collection, planning a viewing party.  Handling family business (ex...doctor appts, ortho appts)

My friend Megan over at The Mrs. is having a linky party, and I always try to support my friends.  Although I dont have a beautiful post with a great story and some fabulous eye candy.   I want to join her party because she has been there for me.  I hope you will too.

So here are some photos of things I have been working on....hope you enjoy!

The Equation

The Photographer

The Cotton Candy bloom

Junkin Jersey 

Santo bracelet

The Jordyn necklace


Tuesday, July 19, 2011


For Women

Can't tell you how excited I am to be featured today over at SITS!  I love this site and I have found such amazing bloggers through them along with fabulous ideas.

If you haven't already joined this fabulous network I encourage you all to do so, who doesnt love support from your fellow bloggers/etsians and facebook friends.

Here is the reason why SITS was created (straight from their About Us) page:

When The Secret to Success is Support (SITS) was founded in 2008, its objective was simple: To create a space where bloggers could find their tribe and grow their audience. Although the site has evolved over the years, its commitment to this mission has not changed.

Click on the SITS button above and come and discover a whole new world of bloggers and find your peeps!


Friday, July 15, 2011


This week was fairly rough on me physically.   Without whining Im having some health issues and have been running to doctor appointment and all that fun stuff.    I was in bed 2 days this week ( I know....completely unheard of for me)

But I was so pleasantly surprised all week by packages in the mail.  Now some were supplies that I ordered (its still a happy surprise for me).   Other packages were sweat surprises from my friends in blogland...now we always say bloggy bff but there ladies and really friends.   Even though we have never met, we talk online...comment on each other blogs, support each other in our Etsy shops and Im so grateful to have them as a support system.

Hey the fact that are just such freakin talented ladies is purely coincidental!   I roll with talented chicks what can I say!  Im not going to name all of my girls in the crew but theyre on my blog sidebar and they all know who they are!

Now Im gonna show some pics of my presents that I couldnt resist taking pictures of when I got them!

Look at the beautiful packaging from 58 & Grace...it would make the sickest person smile!

My vintage Scrabble pieces...she adhered them to an awesome Bingo card!  I have to order more for projects because I can touch this its two perfect....gonna take it out of the plastic and frame it! No......I really am....stay tuned for that coming up on the blog soon!

Here is the necklace I immediately made from the vintage game pieces I ordered from 58 & Grace. (yes sick and all...got up and ran to my table and put it together) BAM!

These babies came from Flutterby Kisses...I told her once that that fabulous butterfly charm reminded me of my logo with the script text background!

How freaking awesome is this, I love this and will now need to order many more!  How cute is my logo looking in there! 

This little vintage looking beauty is new from I Heart Rock n Roll   It reminds me of  old typewriter keys.  She made this for me along with these adorable earrings (photo not available here but definitely in her shop)

This actually was the first to arrive last week from Smitten By A Promise...I love this bracelet.  She asked my favorite colors and I told her to surprise me.....well she did a fabulous job I love it.   The beads are pearly white with speckles of gold.

I love all my bffs!   With or without their fabulous gifts, because they give me the most important thing......SUPPORT!   I try my best to support everyone, I don't think there is a need for jealousy or drama!

Well Im glad that the days in my sick bed were brightened by beautiful packages and warm comments ( you know I had my phone and was checking in on Facebook!

Stay tuned Ive got some big news about Tuesday!


Monday, July 11, 2011


And the winner is (drumroll..........................................................)


(having an issue uploading the random.org photo)

Congrats to you and a huge thank you to Whitney for putting together such a great giveaway for my readers.   We have alot of vintage lovers around here!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Okay so Ive been waiting to share this fabulous chick with you all.  Her name is Whitney and she is the creative mind behind 58 & Grace.

You know I have mentioned her Etsy Shop before....I could live there.  It's the most inspiring little shop I've seen.   It's filled with the most amazing little treasures and she presents them in such a way that I just want them all.    She inspires me to want to create things from these treasures....in fact Im working on some pieces for my Junkin Jersey Mama line that will incorporate pieces purchased from Whitney.  Her eye for vintage is crazy cool and Im so happy to have met her.     Im excited to share her with you and she is excited to because since we originally discussed this it went from her being a giveaway guest to me featuring her on my blog.   She wanted to still do a giveaway and has added items continuously up until today.  I mean that is just a passionate perfectionist and I love that about her.  

I could go on for days about her but here is how she tells her story.........................

Hi, I'm Whitney, the thirty-something Midwestern gal behind 58 & Grace. I'm a wife, stay at home mom, homeschooler and after all that a photographer, crafter, artist and obsessed treasure hunter for all things vintage, lovely and repurposeful. I'm always on the search to find new vintage goodies that delight and inspire you to create. 

Running 58 & Grace has been an absolute blessing for me for it has not only allowed me to share but also to connect with so many artists and creative souls that I would have otherwise never met. I feel that a large part of my creative "self" that was once empty has been abundantly filled since starting 58 & Grace and I can only hope it continues to grow and nourish the artistic needs of those out there that come across my little shop. 

Smiles & Happy Creating!!

You all know that I CAN'T do a post without the most delicious eye candy, so here are some of the treasures in Whitney's shop!

I believe this word sums up Whitney and her shop.  
She does inspire me and I hope she will inspire you all too!

Here is what Whitney has put together for all of you vintage lovers out there.   I mean this seriously is a little treasure chest of goodies!

In this giveaway:

  lotto cards
  ceramic watch faces
bingo numbers 
white and yellow ruler ribbon 4' each
  french milk bottle caps


Mandatory Entries:


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Additional Entries:

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(HEARTLucky 7 Design on Etsy

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Go over to 58 & Grace and tell me what your favorite item is in Whitney's shop.

If you make a purchase from Whitney's shop I will give you 5 ENTRIES for it.

Enter once or do them all..it's up to you!  Im giving you as many entries I can to win this fabulous giveaway. (just make sure you do the mandatory one...wink wink)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Here was the beginning of the initial transformation of my Craigslist Oak fireplace.  I decided I wanted it to be more of a focal point since it's the first thing you see when you walk in the house.  I used Valspar black paint Nero.

This was the stripped down look, I had to sand before painting.

This was the end result for beginning of summertime.  We have an island theme in our living room and I dont plan of changing that but I wanted a lighter summer feel.  

Sooooooooooooooooooo.....everything came down and I started playing around.

The center artwork came down and I took 2 frames from the nursery to bring the colors of the shells on the walls.   

I also distressed the fireplace a bit too...it was very nice and black but I wanted a more worn, aged look.

I added some more seaside accessories.  Like the big shell ball from our beach bathroom downstairs.   We always collect seashells so we are never in need.  

I have this lovely HAMILTON typeset drawer that I havent yet listed in my L7D Etsy shop.  So I borrowed it and using it for Etsy photos too (im a multi-tasker) lol

I filled those awesome little compartments with some cool shaped and colorful shells. 

I hope I can part with this thing...Im really loving it on my wall there and can use it year round for holiday displays...Uh oh I might be in trouble!

Here is what Im working with at this point...I like it but I know myself and will switch it up a bit by next week probably sooner. 

Here is a look of the total left side area of the living room.  Dont mind Sesame Street on the TV...just one of things you will see daily in my house.  We love Elmo...luckily there isnt any blocks or cheerios on the floor.

So dont be afraid to use unusual things in your displays and play around and have fun with it.....often like me if you like too!


I decided to do a breakdown of the items and there origins.

Fireplace - Craigslist
Island tree art frames -    The Great Indoors (now closed)
Glass apothecary jars -  Home Goods
Shells - collected from various beach trips
Shell Ball - Home Goods
Candlestick - Vintage pottery piece from flea market
Cream Chair - Craigslist
Vintage birdcage - Craigslist
Elephant tables - Craigslist
Ivory/wood tray - Home Goods
Ostrich balls - handmade
Bamboo sticks - Home Goods
Typeset drawer - estate sale
Cream frames - found broken & repurposed w/ burlap
Black throw - actually one of my scarves :)
Olive rainboots - Spring

36th Avenue


Well the end of June marked a time of Change for me!    This is how you have pretty much seen me since I started blogging...(well without the blue streaks because those were recent) lol

However Ive had the dark hair for a long time and decided I didnt want the dark raven hair anymore.  I wanted golden locks (well my locks were cut 6 yrs ago so maybe just the golden part) till I can grow back the locks.

My raven hair with blue highlights (yes that is our monogram tattooed on my neck)

This was the hot mess I walked in with the day of my hair makeover. 

Let the makeover begin!

Ta-da....a nice cut (Im growing it out so the monogram will only get viewings by appt)lol
Yes that is another tattoo...it's of my husband's USMC dog tags. 

Here is an overview of the freakin fabulous job she did at getting all the black out and lightening me up as best she could in one shot.

This is me posing at home in the sun (it was about 98 degrees outside) you see that glow...yes I was happy but that was the sun baking me. 

A final shot of me and my new look.  Check out the fabulous Moroccan Oil bag I got from my salon.   This is going to be my summer weekend bag.  I can put away my leopard DVF for the summer!

I love my stylist so much, that I waited to have her give Kemorah her 1st cut...breaking all tradition of going to the kiddie salon. 

Kemorahs has soft but the curliest little ringlets you've even seen.   She's like a mixed Annie! lol   But all the curls were cut and shaped so now she kinda looks like a boy. :)  But the dead baby hair is gone and it will grow out gorgeous now.  Next milestone, earring piercing FAST! 

Hope you all enjoyed the journey of my hair makeover....you can check out my entire hair history HERE

For those of you in New Jersey or anywhere close...check them out on Exquisite Hair Design on Facebook