Tuesday, September 20, 2011

WIWW- What I Wore Wednesday

I'm REALLY excited about FALL....it's my favorite season for decorating and for fashion.   What I am not excited about is that my closet is not it's usual full self.   After I had baby #5 (KeKe) 18 mos ago, it was apparent that I would not be getting back into my size 7/8 jeans EVER. (sniff, sniff)

So I purged my closet and brought it all to my favorite consignment store Tuesday's Child Shoppe.....now Im left with like 2 pairs of jeans from my collection of over 30.   I kept a lot of my accessories thankfully because I am now seeing my 16 yr old daughter buying pieces that I owned 20 yrs ago.   So I must start building a new wardrobe....kinda looking forward to it.  Out with the old in with new!

NOTE TO MOTHERS....if you have the space...............save your stuff!   My mother always had the biggest closet with the most amazing towers of shoe boxes when I was a kid.   It eventually all comes back around, so why not give your kids the original thing.  Vintage is always best!!!

Here is a little outfit thrown together for a casual day of running errands (no modeling today...sorry still not feeling my best yet)

Nice casual fall outfit

My vintage Diane Von Furstenberg luggage bag (yes I use it as a handbag)

My new camel suede booties 

A khaki colored tailored blazer

Medium wash denim jean

Simple gold bamboo bangle/ wood bead bracelet

Outfit Details:

Handbag :   Vintage DVF (Diane Von Furstenberg) luggage piece
Footwear:  Make Me Chic   http://www.makemechic.com/
Blazer:  Newport News (old but classic) http://www.newport-news.com/
Jeans:  Seven 7
Jewelry:  Gifted &  Handmade (wood)

pleated poppy


  1. found you through wiww... this look is perfect for fall!! and that bag is fantastic!! i'd totally rock it as a purse too!

  2. K I LOVE that animal print purse, SO cute! The shape of it is adorable! The coat is so fun too, it all looks great together :) Thanks for the cute comment on my blog today and for linking up! You're the best!

  3. You must read "I Love Your Style" by Amanda Brooks. She gives great tips on finding vintage. Cute booties! Following you back.

  4. that animal print bag is hot girl..i hate i sold mine..nice outfit.


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